Evaluating Web Design

The website I am looking at is, https://acls.com/bls-certification.

The BLS Certification (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. page could improve it’s design by not advertising it’s one selling point so much. I feel it’s unnecessary to have it on every part of the website. It’s not to the point of aggravating, but it’s just nor needed to get the point across.

This website looks nice, the colors compliment each other pretty well blended and it doesn’t give me a headache to look at. You don’t have to go very far to know what the site is about. It gets to the point and explains what it’s aiming to say with 6 different symbols and statements. Plus there is no point on the web page you can scroll that is doesn’t have a box saying something along the lines of “Start Today For $95”, it says this a little excessively. Overall this is a very short critic and to sum up my opinion I think the site is easy to navigate, looks nice and advertises itself pretty well.

Hey There!

My name is Mustard Chuck and I run two YouTube channels named Disaster Production Crew (DPC) and Mustard Chuck. DPC is a group channel created by a couple of artists and Mustard Chuck is my personal channel. Both links are at the bottom of this Blog if you want to check them out and if they seem like your kind of channel follow me! I will be posting to this Blog causally and it won’t be a consistent thing 😉

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